Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Misogyny In Video Games

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 Today I talk about the misogyny that is so pervasive in the video game culture.

We need to stop objectifying women in our video games. It will continue to taint the world's perception of gamers if we don't. Please feel free to contact me with questions, comments or concerns at
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  1. I think they have. They have completely (Well, almost) stopped making games to appeal to both sexes. They assume The Sims will keep the girls happy, and naked women will keep the boys happy. It's very disheartening.

  2. I agree. The hypersexualization of women in video games has been going on for some time, and it's getting ridiculous I'm also troubled by things I've read about increased sexualized violence against women in video games (i.e., Duke Nukem Forever). Do they think male players are so neanderthal that bikini-clad nymphs are the only way to get their attention? Have they forgotten that males AND females play video games?

  3. I hope they are. I don't think anyone wants to go into battle in a bikini. I really believe that if this trend doesn't change, the gaming subculture will never be taken seriously. Games will never be seen as the art form they are, or taken seriously as a medium.

    I also find it sad that if a women points these things out she is labeled a man hater. I don't see how asking to not be stereotyped and objectified makes anyone a 'hater'.

  4. Psh, everyone knows that women characters are invincible and can't be harmed, that's why they wear skimpy outfits. Ugh, what bothers me the most about a lot of these is that when a girl points them out, it's because they are ultra feminists who are just trying to bring men down and probably hates them. TAKE YOUR PENIS AWAY!
    I don't mind if a woman character is designated a dress so long as it is something that would make sense.
    I think maybe game designers are getting better at recognizing not everyone wants to see scantly clad female stereotypes in their games.