Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sundays Are Relaxing

Today has been an extremely satisfying day. Not because I got anything done, but because I got to relax.

First, I slept in today because I didn't feel like dealing with my hangover. I think noon should be the standard wake up time for everyone. Life would be so much better. I hung out with my girlfriend, Cori, on the couch and humored her by suffering through Desperate Housewives. Then we got to drive down to Utah County and visit her brother and sister-in-law so we could meet our new nephew!

Meet Mason!

Cori holding our new nephew.

He was awake for all of 2 minutes.

I was so excited to finally see him! We were going to go yesterday, but we had already agreed to go see my youngest sister do her performance for her summer theater school. (She did a wonderful job, all the kids did). So we got to see him today. It was nice to not have to compete with everyone else for time to hold him and all that kind of crap. He was awake for all of two minutes then just passed out. Apparently he even falls asleep while eating, and they have to wake him up so he can finish. We had a nice chat with Kyle and Stephanie, but I could tell they were tired. We left after 2 hours so they could eat and catch a few Z's before Mason woke back up. I'm so excited to see him grow up!

I also reflected on how lucky I was to be considered part of the family. Cori and I aren't married, but we have been together for 3 years, and living together for 2 of those years. It makes me very happy to be included in family events and to be considered part of their amazing family. I especially like being an uncle to 2 nephews now!

After we got home we decided to pull our bikes out of our storage closet, dust them off, and go for a ride. I have no idea why we haven't been doing this all summer! It was relaxing and nice to get out of my apartment for more than work and errands. We rode for about 4 miles or so, which really isn't that much on a bike. Seriously, if anyone tries to make you feel impressed by telling you they rode 4 miles on a bike, just remember I can do it easily. And I am very out of shape. Anyway, then we came home and just kinda sat about the place for a second, then I decided to play my computer/blog.

Today has really been very satisfying. It's been everything a day off should be after a hectic week at work. And from what my new 'boss' has been saying, I can expect to have Sundays and Mondays off all the time (my schedule shifts every week normally). This will make it so we can have these wonderful days together more often, since Cori has school during the week after she gets off work.

I hope everyone's Sunday was also enjoyable!


  1. I know! He had the cutest facial expressions, even while sleeping. If I had waited another 30 seconds to get that photo he would have been asleep.

  2. I like the look on his face in that last pic. He's like.... "who are you people?"

  3. I know! I would have got more pictures, but I was busy holding him. It will be one of the few times I get to because we usually only see them during family gatherings, at which point Cori's grandma hogs him.